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Alan E. Brownstein, Esq.

Alan Brownstein, a nationally recognized Constitutional Law scholar, teaches Constitutional Law, Law and Religion, and Torts at UC Davis School of Law, where the primary focus of his scholarship relates to church-state issues and Free Exercise and Establishment Clause doctrine. His articles have been published in numerous academic journals, including the Stanford Law Review, Cornell Law Review, UCLA Law Review and Constitutional Commentary. He is the editor of The Establishment of Religion Clause: Its Constitutional History and the Contemporary Debate, the first volume of a series of anthologies on the Bill of Rights published by Prometheus Books. Professor Brownstein testified on several occasions before various California Senate Committees on legislation promoting religious liberty and bills that raise Establishment Clause concerns. His assistance is often sought by advocacy groups on issues relating to religious liberty and equality. He has served as an advisor to the California Interfaith Coalition for the Free Exercise of Religion and as a member of the Sacramento Jewish Community Relations Council.