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Fred M. Blum, Esq.

During his 25 year legal career, Mr. Blum has represented parties in some of the most significant church-state cases in California’s history. These cases span the gulf of church-state law: representing parties who challenged state funding of a museum run by Orthodox Jews; juveniles who were incarcerated and forced to partake in religious indoctrination; individuals who, as a condition of parole, were forced to partake in religious substance abuse classes; synagogues who were denied building permits; individuals who objected to the City of San Francisco’s ownership of the country’s largest free-standing cross; and individuals who objected to state money being used to fund religious organizations.

In the last decade, Mr. Blum has done considerable work with Alan Reinach, President of the North American Religious Liberty Association-West. This work has included numerous legal cases including one that helped define the relationship between the obligations of businesses to accommodate their employees’ religious beliefs and collective bargaining agreements. These two gentlemen have worked together for more than five years, through two lawsuits, to ensure that the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Vacaville, California could own and operate a religious radio station. Mr. Blum currently works in San Francisco, where he is the founding partner of the firm Bassi, Martini, Edlin & Blum.